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Hi, my name is Cantor Menachem Toren. I was trained at Bikor Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1999. My certification was through Rabbi Yosef Halperin, who has trained countless Mohalim throughout the world, including the top Mohalim in the United States. 

My philosophy is to make the procedure as quick and gentle to the baby as possible. I do not strap the baby down or make him unnecessarily uncomfortable in any way, resting him on double pillows on the loving Sandak's lap. I believe this sets the tone and starts the process off in a peaceful manner. 

I am available within an approximate 70 mile radius, NJ, CT, NY and Long Island. I will come for a follow up a day after the bris if needed, and most of the time I will come to see the baby a day before, if the family lives within 20 miles range of my residence. This special service that I offer enables us to work together beforehand to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. This will allow you to have the most relaxed and smooth ceremony on the actual day of the Brit Milah.

I want to offer the highest personal and professional service to you and your baby. I am a genuine, caring person and this will be evident when we meet.

I am currently the Cantor at the Pine Brook Jewish Center in Montville, NJ.

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Cantor Menachem Toren